Antibiotic compounds from insects

An increasing number of antibiotics is proving less effective and developing new drugs is not lucrative for the pharmaceuticals industry. Now there’s help from a relatively young scientific discipline that marries entomology and biotechnology.

New book to promote technology

The public will have better access to information on technology and innovation through a new book set to be published next year. The new annual publication will be released in print and online in both Lao and English… Read More

Gaps in ICT skill development remain

Low skill levels among Lao information and communication technology workers is contributing to a trade imbalance in the industry, according to an official from Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. The Ministry’s Department of Skill Development and Employment… Read More

Zuckerberg explains Facebook Home

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveils the Facebook Home for Android phones and shares why it’s different from your phone. CNN International, Published on April 4, 2013.