Some 30 road accidents occurred during Lao New Year 2013 decreasing from 2012

Some 30 road accidents occurred during Lao New Year 2013 celebrations in Vientiane from April 14-16, resulting in only two fatalities, which was a significant decrease on last year.

Representative from the Vientiane Traffic Police Department reported on Wednesday the 17th that, there were only 34 road accidents on the three major days of the celebration, leading to two deaths and 56 injuries.

According to Vientiane Traffic Police, It’s a significant decrease from last year, when there were 52 road accidents in which seven people were killed and another 99 injured. This is because so many people in Vientiane were more conscious of road safety during the festival,”

The department reported that drunken driving and contravention of the traffic rules were the same issues they faced previously however this year almost 700 traffic police were deployed across Vientiane to prevent motorists from transgressing.

the Vientiane new year celebrations were not as crowded as last year, because this year many people went to celebrate outside the city, in other provinces and neighbouring countries. The department also reported that the congested traffic on Setthathirath, Samsenthai and Fa Ngum roads was due to the crowds of people flocking to temples in central Vientiane, and therefore unavoidable.

It is reported that, Road accidents didn’t occur in central Vientiane due to vehicle crowding. Most of them happened in Sikhottabong, Sisattanak, Xaysettha, Xaythany, Naxaithong, Hadxaifong and Chanthabouly districts,”

LNTV Lao News broadcast on 18/04/2013