The inaugural ceremony of the 32nd Asean Ministers on Energy Meeting convenes, when Laos will push for the acceleration of energy integration

Introduction: The inaugural ceremony of the 32nd Asean Ministers on Energy Meeting or AMEM convenes on Tuesday the 23rd of September in Vientiane, the Capital of the Lao PDR, where Laos will push for the acceleration of energy integration under the Asean Power Grid or APG to address the imbalance in the distribution of power-generating resources in the region.

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Story: The inaugural ceremony of the 32nd Asean Ministers on Energy Meeting or AMEM was addressed by Lao Minister of Energy and Mines, Soulivong Daravong before the welcome speech by Lao Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong.

The Lao Minister of Energy and Mines said, the Lao PDR has the honor hosting this important event for the second time since Laos official joined ASEAN in July 1997. The first time Laos hosted AMEM was the 24th meeting in July 2006. Under the theme “Power Integration for ASEAN Prosperity” He said he strongly believe that, Laos will be able to make a greater contribution toward developing cooperation and exchanging experiences to get more mutual benefits from interlocking relationships.

According to Lao Minister of Energy and Mines, Soulivong Daravong, ASEAN is one of the fastest growing economic regions with a rapid arising energy demand. To meet its growing demand for energy, particularly for sustainable power utilization, we need to think about modalities that will connect all member countries’ national grids to become a regional grid, or the so-called ASEAN power grid. Therefore with abundant renewable energy resources in the ASEAN region, particularly in hydropower potential, we will have vast opportunities to efficiently utilize ASEAN’s available energy resources.

In his opening remark, Lao Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong stated that, the government of the Lao PDR has always attached great importance to environmental protection, and sustainable development, particularly in respect of the abundance of ecosystem and biodiversity. A the same time, our policy on natural resources calls for Lao PDR to address the great potential for hydropower development of hydropower generates about one-third of Lao PDR’s capital income from natural resources.

The Lao Premiere also said adding that, we, the ASEAN countries should enhance cooperation and increase the exchange of knowledge on energy development, therefore, in this 32nd AMEM and related meetings, Prime Minister Thongsing urges the ASEAN countries to work together to firstly clearly defines a legal and policy framework related to the promotion of renewable energy into sustainable development strategy.

Secondly, to strengthen research and development on renewable energy technology appropriate to the ASEAN region.

Thirdly, to continue studies on the renewable energy market and provide necessary funding for the promotion of environmentally friendly green energy and fourthly, to encourage high voltage power integration, aiming at energy exchange from each energy resource, effectively starting from small scale to large-scale. Along the way, can identify measures to overcome the difficulties and challenges.

Up to 300 participants attended the 32nd AMEM and its related meetings. These include Asean Plus Three (three dialogue partners – China, Japan and the Republic of Korea) Energy Ministers Meeting and Asean Plus Six (China, Japan, the Republic of Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand) Energy Ministers Meeting.

Ministers and delegates from nine Asean member countries, six dialogue partners, Asean Secretariat, International Energy Agency, Economic Research Institute for Asean and East Asean Centre for Energy, as well as other Asean agencies on energy, attend the meeting.

Source: Lao National Television News in English
Broadcast on September 23, 2014