(KPL) Dengue has claimed 76 lives and infected over 33,000 people nationwide with Champasack hardest hit by the disease, official said yesterday.

Dengue outbreak have been reported in seven provinces nationwide namely Vientiane Capital, Borikhamxay, Khammuane, Savannakhet, Champasack, Xayabury and Bokeo.

Champassack reportedly has 30 people dying of the mosquito borne disease with other 4,183 people infected with the disease. Vientiane Capital has so far reported 17 deaths and 8,567 infection cases related to dengue fever. Dengue fever has killed nine in Savannakhet, five in Borikhamxay, three in Khammuane, and one each in Bokeo and Xayabury.

Meanwhile the infection number in the last five provinces is 12,299 including 3,967 in Savannakhet, 2,975 in Khammouane, 1,855 in Borikamxay, 2,211 in Bokeo and 1,291 in Xayaboury.

The Ministry of Health focuses on preventive measures, destroying breeding habitats and spraying chemicals and urging local people to practice anti-dengue activities, said Director General of the Department of Communicable Disease Control, Dr. Bounlay Phommasack.

Source: KPL Lao News Agency
By Phouangphayom
July 30, 2013