(KPL) Sixty nine people have reportedly died of dengue with over 23,468 people infected with the mosquito borne disease nationwide, according to Director General of the Department of Communicable Disease Control, Ministry of Health, Dr. Bounlay Phommasack.

Dr. Bounlay Phommasack
Dr. Bounlay Phommasack
Vientiane Capital is hardly hit by dengue with 16 deaths and over 4,600 infected people. Champasack ranks second with 27 deaths and 3,300 infected people, and Savannakhet ranks third with 9 deaths and over 3,070 infected.

Seven deaths and over 2,700 infected cases have been reported in Saravane. Meanwhile Khammouane has two deaths and Borikhamsay accounts four casualties. Bokeo, Xayabury, Xieng khuang and Vientiane (province), each has one death.

Dengue cases have been reportedly increased on an annual basis and around 20,000 people among 50-100 million people affected worldwide die of the disease, was told in a meeting held last Friday.

Asia-Pacific accounts for 75 per cent of the world wide infection. However, the World Health Organisation has included dengue in the list of 17 tropical diseases to which most governments fail to attach adequate attention.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, so-called ASEAN, has named June 15 ASEAN Dengue Day in order to promote the participation of authorities and people in destroying the breeding habitats of mosquitoes.

Source: KPL Lao News Agency
By Phouangphayom
July 12, 2013