The first of the annual civil servant exams officially takes place nationwide

Introduction: The first of the annual civil servant exams officially takes place nationwide, with a total of 32,235 applicants. Official said, Those 32,235 applicants consist of 29,534 students with higher diplomas, 2,701 students with under higher diplomas and 850 students who graduated from abroad.

Story: This was the second year that the two-exam testing system has been employed in the process of recruiting state employees. Last year, a total of 37,452 applicants sat for the first exam and some 32,500 passed the general knowledge test, a pass rate of almost 87 percent.

Last fiscal year, the government accepted 16,500 new civil servants bringing the total to about 156,000 state employees.

According to the ministry of Home Affairs, To become a state official recruits must pass the first exam on general knowledge to receive certificates so they are eligible to take the second exam.

The certificate is valid for two years only. The second exam on academic knowledge will be undertaken by the particular organisations at ministries and local level that seek to recruit new civil servants.

The result of exams will be a significant foundation contributing to the recruitment of new quality civil servants and build adequate state officials to serve in line with party and government policy effectively.

Source: Lao National Television News in English
Broadcast on 22/07/2014