The conference and photo exhibition, the “Black Line, means Sacred landscape of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta” photographs portraying the lush nature of Colombia richness with natural resources and with the underlining message of maintaining and caring for nature. Souphaksone Silaphet has the atmosphere there.

The 30 photographs depicts the images of mamu priests, an ingenious group that worship mother earth and maintains their religious beliefs by making offerings to nature so that mother earth can continue to protect and provide for humanity.

Present at the conference and exhibition was Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Laos, Bounkeut Sangsomsak, Deputy Minister for Multilateral Affairs, MOFA of Colombia, Madame Patti Londono Jaramillo, Deputy General for Europe-Americas Dept, MOFA of Laos, Southom Sakonhnihom, The director of Asia, Africa, and Oceania MoFA of Colombia, Sandra Salamanca and Colombian Ambassador to Laos based in Malaysia, Rodrigo Querubin.

Interview: Coque Gamboa, the Photographer

Speaking to our news team, Coque Gamboa, the Photographer who is responsible for the “Black-Line” exhibition mentioned the meaning of the name, and the importance of the message that it contains.
Interview: Coque Gamboa, the Photographer

According to Gamboa, the Black-Line conference and photo exhibition is part of the Colombian efforts to further expand and strengthen relationships with the Government of Lao PDR, while showcasing the rich traditional culture and natural resources of the Colombia, as well as to maintain and protect it.

LNTV Lao News broadcast on 10/4/2013