Viewers have called for more variety in TV programming claiming that current television channels are broadcasting too many entertainment programmes.

A viewer from southern Champassak province, calling through the hotline of the National Assembly (NA)’s ordinary session, asked the authorities concerned to consider adding a wider variety of programmes such as documentaries and programmes that educate and provide knowledge to the audience.

Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Savankhone Razmountry said the six television stations in Laos have tried to offer a variety of programmes covering a wide range of areas for viewers.

On average, entertainment programmes filled just 22 percent of overall programming broadcast by the six stations, while the remaining 78 percent are designated for other types, he told a press conference yesterday held at the NA to clarify hotline issues. More than 10 kinds of programme are being broadcast by the six stations with news taking up the largest amount of over 30 percent.

Regarding the claim that there are too many entertainment programmes, the deputy minister commented that almost all the stations broadcast entertainment programmes at the same time and when audiences see them on many channels simultaneously they might think that there are too many of them being aired.

However, Mr Savankhone, who is in charge of information and media affairs, admitted that there are not many programmes that disseminate history or laws on the current TV broadcast schedule as claimed by the Champassak viewer.

In this regard, he pledged to seek a wider variety of TV programming in the future.

“We already have a plan to increase [variety programmes]” he told local media, adding that the variety of documentary programmes has not met what viewers are asking for.

He acknowledged that more and more members of the public are relying on the media to obtain important and useful information, which is helpful for their own development and for making a daily living and contributing to national development and defence.

The deputy minister praised the feedback the Champassak viewer had provided. He said he welcomed all feedback from viewers, saying that it contributes to the further improvement of the information and media sector.

As Laos this year marks the 40th anniversary of the proclaiming of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Mr Savankhone said more varied and new programmes are set to be added into TV broadcasting and print media to reflect the progress and achievements made on national development and defence over the past four decades. He urged all viewers and readers to follow these additional programmes and provide further feedback.

Source: Vientiane Times
Published on July 21, 2015