The Weather Bureau warns the public to be prepared for unexpectedly heavy rain

Introduction: The Weather Bureau has warned the public to be prepared for unexpectedly heavy rain over the next five weeks until the end of next month.

Story: Sharp showers usually occur during transition weather conditions in March and April, before the actual onset of the rainy season.

The bureau said consistent heat creates humidity, which is what caused the heavy rainfall early this week and caught many Vientiane residents unprepared.

Starting in the early morning, the rain became very heavy and created lots of difficulty for commuters with congested traffic on many roads in Vientiane.

A lot of people were forced to shelter from the rain and some accidents occurred due to the slippery conditions.

The rain also caused many of the drainage channels to overflow, adding to the flooding on the roads.

The rain helped to lower the temperature yesterday and provided a bit of relief for residents in some parts of Vientiane that have had water shortages.

Doctors also warned the public about the changing weather, which can cause coughs and respiratory problems for some people.

They also urged everyone to be careful about what they eat during hot weather to avoid stomach upsets.

The Weather Bureau said the average temperature at present was 37 to 39oC.

Source: Lao National Television News in English
Broadcast on March 27, 2015