The price of fuel at petrol stations across the country drops

Introduction: The price of fuel at petrol stations across the country dropped after a Ministry of Commerce and Industry announcement on September 10.

Story: The premium grade petrol price in Vientiane decreased 120 kip per litre from 11,280 kip to 11,160 kip, while the diesel price dropped around 50 kip per litre, according to the announcement.

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Currently, retail premium grade petrol in Vientiane sells at 11,160 kip a litre, regular petrol for 9,830 kip and diesel for 8,740 kip.

In Khammuan province, premium petrol sells at 11,160 kip and regular petrol at 9,870 kip, while diesel sells for 8,770 kip.

In Savannakhet province they sell premium petrol at 11,280, regular petrol at 9,870 kip while diesel sells for 8,770 kip. Champassak province sells premium at 11,280, regular petrol for 9,870 kip and diesel for 8,810 kip.

In Xieng Khuang province, regular petrol sells at 10,070 kip and diesel at 9,000 kip, while in Bokeo province they sell regular petrol for 9,940 kip per litre and diesel for 8,840 kip.

The prices have been adjusted due to the price of fuel changing in the world market.

This was the fifth revision of petrol prices since July and it’s the fourteenth revision this year.

Normally the price of fuel declines over August and September but increases again the following month, however, this year the petrol prices will remain stable due to the current market world market conditions, said an official from the ministry.

Source: Lao National Television News in English
Broadcast on September 29, 2014