The government’s monthly meeting discussed a number of fundamental national issues

The government’s monthly meeting held on August 1-2 discussed a number of fundamental national issues ranging from the outbreak of dengue fever to border checkpoint management and railway development. According to The government’s spokesperson Madam Bounpheng Mounphosay, the government also approved a physical sport development strategy from 2013 until 2020.

The government’s spokesperson Madam Bounpheng Mounphosay held a press conference shortly after the meeting which ended on Friday the 2nd of August saying that, The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong and attended by cabinet members.

According to her, the meeting agreed that the outbreak of dengue fever this year is more severe compared to previous years and has so far killed at least 75 people in Laos.

The cabinet members also gave their input to a report regarding the plan to improve management and services at the Lao-Thai Friendship border checkpoint in Vientiane as the current services do not serve tourists well. There are several places to collect fees and complicated immigration procedures, creating difficulties for people and allowing the authorities to carry out their duties without transparency. Meanwhile, the government has decided to set up a taskforce committee to investigate further before discussing ways to address the problems.

At the meeting, the government also approved a physical sport development strategy from 2013 until 2020, aiming to strengthen the physical and mental health of Lao people. The government also approved a report regarding visa usage presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, the cabinet members talked about a national strategy related to railway development from this year until 2020, and then until 2050 after review. It will focus on effective investment and economic benefits by identifying which areas should be developed first.

Concerning the draft law related to state employees, the government advised the relevant sectors to study and improve it based on government recommendations.

Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong urged relevant sectors to focus on the key issues for August, notably the health sector from the ministerial level to the village level and to work harder to tackle dengue fever. Prevention and control measures were cited as amongst the most important areas to focus on.

In addition, the government tasked the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to work in cooperation with local authorities to address blue ear disease in Phonhong district, Vientiane province.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce was assigned to inspect and manage the rising prices of products in markets to help people manage the higher cost of living in Laos.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment was asked to follow weather events more closely and issue timely warnings to villagers when any storm rolls in with the risk of damaging property and taking lives.

The Ministry of public works and Transport is to work in cooperation w ith local authorities to inspect and repair roads affected by flash flooding and landslides to facilitate transportation of goods and people across the country.

Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong also urged other sectors to work harder in maintaining public security and order in society by addressing robbery and drug trafficking in the country.

Source: LNTV Lao News in English