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(KPL) The prices of cattle meats and vegetables during the celebration of Pi Mai 2556 B.E increased slightly compared to common day.

Before the Lao New Year celebration, Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced the Provincial Industry and Commerce Services countrywide to monitor and control the fluctuation of consumer goods prices in their local markets.

Every year the goods and beverage prices always rocketed but this year Ministry of Industry and Commerce issued an announcement to cap the prices of beef, pork, and vegetables among others.

During days of Lao New Year 2556 B.E celebration, the said goods in Khuadin, Nongchanh, Thongkhankham, and Huakhua markets were sold at relatively stable prices such as pork at 35,000 kip/kg, beef at 70,000 kip/kg, tilapia at 20,000 kip/kg.

However the price of beef in Khuandin and Nongchanh markets was increased slightly from 70,000 in pre-Pi Mai to 75,000 kip per kg on April 17.

For vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, lettuce, tomato, long bean and limes seem to be sold at the same prices. Some vegetables were sold at higher prices such as coriander jumped from 10,000 kip per kg to 20-25,000 kip per kg and green onion increased to 28,000 kip per kg, from 25,000 kip.

A kilo of chili was sold at 30,000-35,000 kip climbing from 25,000 kip in pre-Pi Mai.

The merchants attributed the increase in price of goods during Pi Mai celebration to inadequate market supply and growers celebrated the festival instead of supplying vegetables to markets.

They said the transaction during the new year celebration was quite calm because there was few customers and sellers and goods prices doubled compared to the same period last year.

While the beef in Phosy and Naviengkham markets in Luang Prabang province increased from 65,000 to 70,000 kip per kg and pork was sold at 35,000 kip per kg.

Savansay market in Savannakhet province, beef increased from 70,000 to 80,000 kip per kg and pork was sold at 35,000 kip per kg.

Daoheuang and Ta Lat Laeng Lak 2 markets in Pakse district, Champasack province witnessed the price of pork jumped from 40,000 kip per kilo to 50,000 kip/kg as beef price increased from 60,000 kip a kilo to 70, 000 kip.

Source: KPL Lao News Agency
April 19, 2013