The government has announced that an extra day will be added to the traditional Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao) holiday, bringing the total to four days.

The four-day public holiday will run from April 14-17. The last day of the holiday has been allotted in compensation for April 14 being a Sunday, the Government Office announced on March 29.

All government agencies have been instructed to ensure that any events they organise to celebrate Pi Mai Lao take place in keeping with tradition and cultural norms.

Government organisations may hold parties between the dates of April 12-17. The government has asked that these events be conservative and simple and that participants refrain from engaging in extravagant behaviour. The request has been made to keep costs low and minimise the spending of government money.

In addition, the government has asked authorities at all levels, including in the capital, provinces, districts and villages, to educate the public and instill a proper understanding among all people about the way in which Lao New Year should be celebrated in line with the country’s traditions and fine culture. The objective is to ensure that national traditions are preserved and not tarnished in any way.