Lao News on LNTV – The Lao romantic comedy Hak Am Lum reveals in Thailand

The Lao romantic comedy, Love stories from the villages locally known as “Hak Am Lum” which was scheduled to screen in Vientiane last November, will now be revealed to audiences in both Laos and Thailand on May 1 to mark International Labour Day.

STORY: “Hak Am Lum” will make history as the first Lao film made by an indigenous director and producer to be screened in Thailand. It follows in the footsteps of three Lao films screened in Thailand on the same day, but which were directed by Thai producer Sakchai “Phoy” Deenan. The films directed by Mr Sakchai were “Sabaidee Luang Prabang” in 2008, a sequel entitled Sabaidee 2 (From Pakxe with Love) in 2010, and “Sabaidee Wedding” in 2011, and whilst made by a Thai they were welcomed in Laos which has seen little in the way of local cinema.

Meanwhile “Hak Am Lum” is a joint project between Lao New Wave and Hemon Studio, directed by Lao filmmaker Mr Phanumard, who studied the craft in Thailand and the United States and now works back at home for Lao New Wave Cinema.

The film is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Sack (played by the well-known vocalist from The Cells rock band), a pop singer who grew up in the countryside. He returns to his birthplace, once he’s made it as a musician in the city, to pursue his real dream: Sopha (played by Miss Laos 2009 Phailinda Philavanh) — his long time sweetheart. Her relationship with Sack is bittersweet. She’s mad because he took off without notice, and didn’t once contact her. Sack’s return to his tranquil and charming village brings back fond memories and he realises how happy he is at home.

More trouble follows as Sack breaks his music contract and leaves the label, infuriating the company’s director — who sends out a pack of subordinates to bring Sack back to the city. Will Sack stay and try to win over the one he loves in the village where he’s happiest, or will he choose to leave her behind in the pursuit of money?