July 13th 2013 marks an important date in Laos’ history, the anniversary of Loung Souphanouvong known as President Souphanouvong or Prince Souphanouvong’s birth. On the occasion of celebrating the revolutionary deeds of him, we proudly present to you our special story of Prince Souphanouvong who is a solidarity symbol for national liberation.

Prince Souphanouvong played an important role in developing solidarity and unity among people of all ethnicities to help Laos achieve the revolutionary task of leading the nation to liberation in December 1975.

The prince, who went on to become the first president of Laos, always believed that solidarity was the key to triumphing over foreign aggressors. This philosophy attracted people from all walks of life, including monks, intellectuals and keen revolutionaries.

In his comments in a speech in 2009 to mark the 100th anniversary of President Souphanouvong’s birth, President Choummaly Sayasone stated that, Founding President Souphanouvong was an important prominent senior leader of our Party and State, a great and beloved son of the Lao people who devoted his entire life for national liberation as well as national security and the development of Laos.

President Choummaly Sayasone has urged government officials, police, soldiers and Lao people of all ethnicities to study President Souphanouvong’s revolutionary principles as a mirror to reflect on their own actions and help them to achieve their goals.

President Souphanouvong was an extraordinary individual who continues to serve as a role model for today’s younger generations to follow to assist in the development of their nation.

Prime Minister Bouasone Bouphavanh stated during the official naming ceremony of Souphanouvong Road at Chao Fa-ngum Park in 2009. He said, Naming Souphanouvong Road is one of many ways to honor President Souphanouvong who was a true patriot because he personified the central motivation to use the solidarity of the Lao people of all ethnic groups to fight against the French colonialists and landholders.

Vientiane major, Sombath Yialiher, spoke at the historical performances at National Culture Hall to commemorating the president’s virtues and good deeds, and his dedication in this work, on behalf of Vientiane residence, he expressed his heartfelt thoughts on this important day. He said the show aimed to recall President Souphanouvong’s revolutionary activities, He said, under the leadership of late President Souphanouvong the revolutionary force achieved military victories leading to national liberation and the new regime emerged as the legitimate government of the country.

It is honored that, the patriotism, personality and good deeds of President Souphanouvong in liberating the nation and leading the country into a new era of security and development are being remembered throughout the country.

President Souphanouvong was named the hero of the nation, because throughout his life he made infinite sacrifices for national liberation and development. The life history of President Souphanouvong is widely recalled in many places, aiming to give officials, the army, police, and all Lao people the opportunity to learn about the leadership, healthy lifestyle and patriotism he personified.

All of these had practical benefits and were followed up by action, rather than being limited to words. By putting national and public benefit before his personal gain, he was able to command the respect of all.

Source: LNTV Lao News in English