Lao Heritage Foundation students show off the Lao Artist skills on their performance

Foreign and local residents amazed by Lao Heritage Foundation students’ concert which shows their profound respect and deep love for culture of their motherland through their various performances. According to Director of Lao Heritage Foundation Chittaphone Pom khampradith, the mission of the Lao Heritage Foundation is to preserve and promote Lao culture through the arts, and transmit it to future generations.

A large crowd showed up at the National Culture Hall for the night hosted recently in Vientiane capital, where a large crown of spectators including Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Bouangern Saphouvong, American Ambassador to Laos, Karen B. Stewar amongs others.

In her remark American Ambassador to Laos, Karen Stewart said that, the show is not merely a demonstration of these students’ skill; it is the result of a profound process of learning about their family ancestry, culture, language and belief. She also thanked the Lao government, particularly the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, for its support in allowing the students from the foundation to undertake their cultural exchange.

Director of National School of music and dance, khamphuang Inthavong said, the students learnt about Lao dancing, khon dancing and playing Lao instruments. “It is also overwhelming to see the students have concentrated on the studying in order to save and expand the Lao culture values and tradition from generation to generation”

Director of Lao Heritage Foundation, Chittaphone Pom khampradith, also expressed most appreciations to all contributions extending to the foundation to make such event happened and concluded fruitfully. Highly appreciations also go to the government of the Lao PDR Lao and the American governments.

Interview: Chittaphone Pom khampradith, Director of Lao Heritage Foundation

The performance was included Ranad and khan Solo, Full orchestra: Sao Nah Lok kah, Dokmai Ouayphone dance, Ramakien “Ring offering by Hanumarn” dance, Nang Keo dance, Lao Lanxang Music, Champa Padabsii dance, Lao Phan Noy dance, Lao Soung Lay Dance, Pasanh sieng khan lao, Pao Bang Dance, Fashion Show and Pha khamma Dance.

During the Summer Culture Exchange, Students have an opportunity to studied the Lao language, traditional arts, visited many cultural sits and important organization in Laos, as well as taken a trip to Champasak Province to experience some of the country’s rich culture in the south.

Some of the students said that they have learnt various aspects of the Lao culture and have known about their parents’ homeland. The performances have showed how Lao children are able to exist cultural, Arts and caring about the rich Lao culture.

Interview: 4 students from LHF

It is hope that, these student will take back with them, the important lessons they have learn about Laos and contribution to the important relationship between the two countries, especially between young people.

The Lao Heritage Foundation is a national non-profit organization from the United Stated of America founded with the vision and mission to preserve, promote and transmit Lao culture through the arts. To achieve the goals, the foundation has hosted events throughout the states and in conjunction with other agencies to highlight the beauty of Lao culture to American audience and the world.

A large crowd showed up at the National Culture Hall in Vientiane for the night, including Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Bouangern Saphouvong, US Ambassador to Laos, Karen Stewart and other guests.

Source: LNTV Lao News in English