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Kai Overdance – Huk Thae Jark Jao

ເພງ: ຮັກແທ້ຈາກເຈົ້າ
ສີລະປິນ: ໄກ່ ໂອເວີແດນຊ໌
ເນື້ອຮ້ອງທຳນອງ: ໄກ່ ໂອເວແດນຊ໌
ຮຽບຮຽງປະສານສຽງ: MEGA STUDIO

ເທບ ອິນດີ້

Thep Indee First Single

Thep Indee – Khawm Nai Jai Khong Mue Thee Sarm

ເພງ: ຄວາມໃນໃຈຂອງມືທີ່ສາມ
ສິລະປິນ: ເທບ ອິນດີ້
ເນື້ອຮ້ອງທຳນອງ: ສັກ ເຊວສ໌
ຮຽບຮຽງປະສານສຽງ: mega studio

Touly Bidalack

Touly Bidalack – Yang Noi Kor Kuey Huk Kun

ເພງ: ຢ່າງນ້ອຍກໍ່ເຄີຍຮັກກັນ/ Song: Yang noi kor kuey huk kun
ສິລິປິນ: ຕຸລີ່ ບິດາລັກ/ Artist: Touly Bidalack
ຄ້າຍ: ເມໂລດີ້ ມິວສິກ/ Melody Music
ຂຽນແລະກຳກັບໂດຍ: ຕຸລີ່/ Written and Directed by Touly
ຖ່າຍທຳ: 1ມື້ເຄິ່ງ/ production: 1.5 days
Touly Bidalack


ULUVUS – Khalam

The new single “Khamlam” by ULUVUS of Indee Records has been released for a few days now. Check it out and don’t forget to grab a copy of their second album “55555” which will be on sale at the end of this month. To keep yourself update on the latest status of ULUVUS, drop by their Official Page on FACEBOOK.

Second Single by Tot Lina

Pop star Tot falling back in love

After recently releasing two singles about a broken heart, Lao pop singer Tot Lina is moving on, with her third single expressing what it is like to fall in love again. Her two previous singles “Nightmare” and the hit “Kor thod tee bor thon” (I’m sorry I can’t stand you), were both about being brokenhearted, …