The Silver Heritage Limited Lao Nagas Rugby team along with the Lao Rugby Federation held a press conference on their recent achievements and plans for the future of Lao Rugby in Vientiane Capital.

After a fresh return from Hong Kong with remarkable achievements in the Abacus Kowloon Rugby Festival, the Lao Rugby Federation held a Press conference at the Lao Journalists Association to inform the media of their accomplishments in the international rugby stage. The Press conference was hosted by head of Lao Journalists Association and Advisor to the Lao Rugby Federation, Somsanouk Mixay, Lao Rugby Federation President, Virayouth Rathikoun, Lao Nagas team members and Coaches, and media personnel.

According to the Lao Nagas team Captain, Pisa ປີຊາ Vongleuanpheng ວົງເລືອນເພັງ, he is pleased with the result this year, as the federation has new members in the team this year that has never competed internationally before and they have done a good job. The greatest achievement that the federation accomplished in Hong Kong was to stand toe to toe with great Rugby teams from Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, beating them to gain their 11th place position out of 24th, a great improvement from last year’s 15th out of 20th place.

Team Captain Pisa also mentioned, in addition to competing, we went to watch other tournaments to gather knowledge, experiences and new fans while conducting outreach activities by passing out brochures and stickers with information of Lao Rugby and the Lao PDR to spectators at the tournaments.

the Lao Nagas team Captain, Pisa ປີຊາ Vongleuanpheng ວົງເລືອນເພັງ also thank all the people and businesses who made the Silver Heritage Limited Lao Nagas tour to Hong Kong possible, He said, from now the federation will focus on efforts in training to prepare the Men’s National Team for the HSBC Asian 5 Nations Division 4 Competition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from the 6th ~11th May 2013, where they will face Pakistan in the first round, and either Uzbekistan or Lebanon in the second round.

LNTV Lao News broadcast on 02/04/2013