Laos and Thailand are continuing to strengthen their cooperation to combat the illegal wildlife trade and crime along their shared border and are exploring mechanisms to support information sharing.

The second bilateral meeting between Laos and Thailand on wildlife law enforcement was held in Vientiane recently aiming to explore and develop methods and mechanisms to ensure the efficient exchange of information and communication, in order to strengthen law enforcement in the respective countries.

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The meeting was chaired by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr Ty Phommasak, along with delegations from the sectors of Forestry Inspection, Forestry, Natural Resources Management, Import and Export, Customs, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, and soldiers, police and related law enforcement agencies from Laos and Thailand.

The two parties aimed to seek an undertaking and identify joint activities between agencies and departments, which may include joint enforcement operations, investigations, capacity building and training activities.

It is said that, the meeting served as a forum for exchanging knowledge and information relevant to the illegal wildlife trade occurring in and between Laos and Thailand as origin, destination and transit countries. The participants placed special emphasis on specific wildlife species and locations of illegal trade.

Source: LNTV Lao News in English