Laos celebrates World Water Day on March 22 aiming to alert people to save water and use it as effectively as possible

Introduction: Deputy Prime Minister Asang Laoly, who is in charge of social and cultural affairs, on Friday the 20th of March, reinforced the issue through the media to mark World Water Day, which falls on March 22, reiterating the need to protect water resources to boost national development.

Story:Laos marked the day, which was held under the theme: “Water and Sustainable Development”. The day is marked in the hope of making a difference for people around the world who suffer from water related issues. The government has highlighted the importance of water resources for the livelihoods of local people and socio-economic development.

Deputy Prime Minister Asang Laoly said Laos is rich in water resources, which are essential for hydropower development, irrigation, tourism, industrial development and for consumption.

He said the government has a policy to restore forest cover to 65 percent by this year and to 70 percent in 2020, aiming to protect water resources and facilitate economic growth.

The United Nations’ (UN) World Water Day is held to increase people’s awareness of water’s importance for the environment, agriculture, health and trade.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also delivered a message to mark the day, saying that among the most urgent issues are access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Despite progress under the Millennium Development Goals, adopted in 2000, some 750 million people — more than one in ten of the world’s population — remain without access to an improved water supply.

The celebration of the day aims to alert people to save water and use it as effectively as possible. The event also aims to push governments in every country to improve the efficient management of water resources while strengthening cooperation in addressing issues related to water pollution and other environmental issues.

Source: Lao National Television News in English
Broadcast on March 25, 2015