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Minced Beef Salad

Ordering Lao Minced Beef Salad (Larb Sien) at a market in Vientiane before boarding a plane with …

Tam Som in Laos

Ordering Tam Som ຕໍາສົ້ມ (Tam Mak Hoong ຕໍາໝາກຫຸ່ງ) at a papaya salad restaurant in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Lao baguette

Ordering Khao Jie Pate ເຂົ້າຈີ່ປາເຕ (Lao baguette) for breakfast in Luang Prabang, Laos.

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Water Chestnut, Vientiane Market

Water Chestnut (Eleocharis dulcis) Checking out water chestnut (ໝາກແຫ້ວ ຫຼື ໝາກສົມຫວັງ) at a roadside market, in the …

Grilled Snails

Buying grilled snails (Ping Hoy ປີ້ງຫອຍ) at a roadside stand on Route 11, Vientiane Prefecture, Laos.

Larb Pa Tong

Larb Pa Tong (Lao Fish Tartare using Spotted Featherback fish) with fish soup for lunch in Vientiane, …

Sugar Palm Fruit

Buying Sugar Palm Fruit or Mak Thahn ( ໝາກຕານ,ຫມາກຕານ in Lao language, ลูกตาล in Thai language) at …