Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Prof. Dr Bosengkham Vongdara pledges to support Lao, Chinese media ties

Introduction:Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Prof. Dr Bosengkham Vongdara on Tuesday the 24th of March made a commitment to the Yunnan Media Group for continued support of the contract between Lao and Chinese media to ensure their future success.

Story: Prof. Dr Bosengkham told the Chairman of Yunnan Media Group Co., Ltd., Xu Tiyi, during his visit to the ministry, that he appreciated China’s efforts to promote Lao and Chinese media cooperation.

It is recorded that, the Paxason newspaper recently signed an agreement with the Yunnan Media Group on the development of Lao media and the exchange of information between the two countries.

Some parts of the contract called for both media outlets to exchange information about their countries for inclusion in each other’s publications, as well as the Chinese side helping Lao media to improve journalism standards, use of ICT and other areas.

The Yunnan Media Group also reported on Chinese leadership guidelines to create an international relations centre in Yunnan province to promote relations between China and the world.

Source: Lao National Television News in English
Broadcast on March 25, 2015