The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism has been urged to enhance the quality of its inspection work. According to Prof Dr Bosengkham Vongdara, “Inspection, first of all should find out the real outstanding achievements, the implementation of their functions by individuals and groups, that conform to the Party direction and policy. This is the main target of inspection”.

In his opening remark at the annual ministerial meeting held on Monday the 29th of July in Vientiane Capital, Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Prof Dr Bosengkham Vongdara praised the achievements of the ministry’s inspection work, while also commenting on its quality, which he said was not sufficient.

He also reminded the gathering of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat’s comments on the ministry’s achievements, while stressing it to focus more on quality, establishing whether the 39 units are really outstanding and without any shortcomings to criticise.

According to the ministry’s Inspection Department Director General and Inspection Committee Chairman Khankeo Phommakaysone, the lack of importance given to inspection work by some Party units has led to low quality inspection, while non-strict adherence to regulations and principles by some departments, institutes, and technical units led to negative phenomena.

In regards to the Party work, the department and committee have inspected all 43 Party units in the ministry, and 39 of them were classed as having strong leadership in all regards, and of the 476 Party members, 129 were found to be outstanding in all regards.

The Inspection Department’s Party committee has also been involved in the taskforce to resolve the negative phenomena in Vangvieng district, Vientiane province and anti-social conduct in the capital Vientiane, in response with the public complaints though National Assembly hotline.

Party Central Committee Inspection Vice Chairman, Sinay Mienglavanh also attended the meeting to introduce the strategy on anticorruption from now to 2020, and commented on the ministry’s inspection work.

Source: LNTV Lao News in English