The final 20 contestants in the Miss Laos 2012 competition have been making their way around media outlets and sponsors throughout Vientiane this week in a bid to promote themselves and the event.

The girls are set to battle it out for the Miss Laos title on December 7 at the competition finale, which is being held at the Don Chan Palace hotel.

Audiences countrywide have been able to follow the young women’s journey around the capital this week thanks to Lao Star Channel, who has teamed up with organisers to broadcast this year’s national beauty pageant.

One of the finalists, Ms Vichith Khampasong, visited the Lao Press in Foreign Languages office yesterday to thank the media and public for their ongoing support of the competition since it began in 2005. She said: “The main objective of this event is to select the most attractive young woman to represent and promote Lao traditions and culture both domestically and internationally.”

“Those who want to support their favourite contestant can do so by sending a text message via their network provider, by following our updates on the official Facebook page, or by watching our programme which is currently being broadcast on the Lao Star Channel.”

Miss Laos is the largest contest of its kind ever to be held in Laos. It is also the first of this type of competition that the government has been involved in. The event was organised to help make Lao customs more widely known and to foster appreciation for Lao culture and traditions, particularly traditional dress.

The contest also seeks to encourage women to use their looks, knowledge and abilities as a source of empowerment.

The young woman who is crowned Miss Laos 2012 will receive a crown, 50 million kip, gold jewellery and a Chevrolet Spark mini car.

The second place runner up will receive 20 million kip, third will receive 15 million kip, and the fourth place contestant will win 10 million kip. The top five finalists will also be awarded scholarships to study for a master’s degree at Comcenter Business Administration College.

Those voted Miss Popular, Miss Photogenic, Miss Friendship, and Miss Good Skin will also receive 5 million kip each.

Source: Vientiane Times
By Phoonsab Thevongsa
November 30, 2012