Ms Vilaylak Chanthavong, 21, from Xayaboury province has been crowned Miss Laos 2013 after her family and teachers encouraged her to enter the competition and promote Lao culture.

Vilaylak is a hard worker and is currently in her fourth year of study at the Health Science University majoring in Dentistry; she also studies at Lao Top College and works part-time at Dental Care Clinic in her spare time.

She decided to move to Vientiane to achieve her dream of being a dentist and use her knowledge and skills to develop dental health in her native Xayaboury province.

Vilaylak lives with family in Simongkhoun village, Xayaboury district in Xayaboury province with four family members; she is the third of four children with one elder sister, one elder brother and one younger sister.

During her studies in Vientiane she was persuaded by her teachers and family to join Miss Laos 2013 to experience a new challenge, which she decided to accept — never thinking she would make it to even the Top 20 finalists, let alone win the competition. Before entering Miss Laos she placed second in the contest of Miss Health Science University.
Vilaylak shone on stage at Miss Laos 2013 receiving three awards for Miss Healthy Skin, Miss Photogenic and Miss Smart Girl and the top prize of Miss Laos 2013 because of her confidence and personality. Miss Lao 2013 is the first winner in the competition’s history to win four prizes.

She said she was very glad to receive the crown and make her family proud, now she will take pride in her duties of promoting the culture of Lao women, attending social events and being a good role model to the public.

Vilaylak said she will dedicate time to learn more about Lao culture so she can promote it and encourage Lao people to conserve their beautiful culture and traditions.
After graduating in dentistry she plans to improve dental care for the people of Xayaboury province, which currently does not have much awareness or facilities for maintaining dental health.
She said working in a rural area is not a struggle if these areas had access to basic dental equipment, which many do not. She said her university is working on a project which would send students on field trips to experience working in regional areas.

When asked if she preferred natural beauty or enhanced beauty Vilaylak said natural beauty is better than surgery as everyone has a different and unique natural beauty.

Source: Vientiane Times
December 16, 2013