MICT officially opens the Khor Khaengkhan (working competition) to promote highest achievements

Introduction: The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MoICT) officially opened the working competition locally known as Khor Khaengkhan to assist their work to welcome the 4th Party committee meeting of the ministry.

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Story:The ministry gathered leading officials from various sectors under its jurisdiction last Friday to announce the competition and assist them to welcome the meeting next year.

Minister Prof Dr Bosengkham Vongdara was among the leading officials inside the ministry to attend the official opening of the competition, aiming to achieve good results as they prepare to welcome the meeting which will be arranged next year.

During the announcement, Prof Dr Bosengkham advised the information sector to bring newspapers to readers in local communities in other provinces and advised the print and electronic media to be more professional in their work.

There are still various works under the ministry that every sector should pay more attention to and work to improve and develop themselves, he noted. The competition will be one of the ministry’s Party committees’ guidelines to promote the work of its officials in each section and achieve good results in the future.

During the report on the competition, Deputy Minister Chaleun Warinthrasak noted that the information sector and the media must lead the way in media management systems, improve and develop the print and electronic media to be analogous to the enlargement of society.

The competition is open to all sectors inside the ministry including political guidelines, information, culture, and tourism as well as other works relating to the ministry.

Source: Lao National Television News in English
Broadcast on September 30, 2014