Morgen Restaurant and Café introduces itself to the food lovers in town

Introduction: Much to the delight of unsuspecting foreign tourists, the city of Vientiane is home to a large number of restaurants specialising in international cuisine.

Visitors to the city can enjoy strolling the streets to check out some of the different choices on offer. Now we have Morgen Restaurant and Café which just introduces itself to the food lovers in town. Our news team, Boungune Phetchampa has the atmosphere there.

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Story: For westerners, there are a large number French, Italian, and Belgian restaurants serving up some high quality but affordable European cuisine while Scandinavian and Spanish food can also be found.

This is not to mention the vast array of Asian restaurants to choose from, where amongst the many great Lao restaurants there can also be found a number of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Indian and even Pakistani places.

Recently, our news team had the chance to interview the proprietors of Morgen Restaurant and Café, a local-owned restaurant which serves up a delicious array of German dish like Original Premium German Sausage Home made style for instant.

Interview: Manivone Sithixay, owner of Morgen Restaurant and Café, in Vientiane

According to the owner of Morgen Restaurant and Café, in Vientiane, Madame Manivone Sithixay, the concept of her restaurant is Home made international food and fusion art ranging from Original Premium German Sausage Home made style to Pastas, Spaghettis and Rice.

Vientiane is a city where tourism is increasing a lot, and there is also a very important western community living in the capital Vientiane. Laos is also a country where not only local but also foreigners can fully own their business as foreign investors, which makes a big difference compared to places like Thailand for instance.

Morgen Restaurant and Café opens daily from 7 AM to 9:30 PM located at Bane Haisok, Fargum road, Chanthaboury district, Vientiane Capital, of Laos.

Source: Lao National Television News in English
Broadcast on September 10, 2014