A lack of serious participation in trials by prosecutors and the cooperation between courts at different levels were among the issues National Assembly (NA) members were interested in when commenting on the reports by the judiciary body about its work over the past year.

President of the Office of the Supreme Public Prosecutor Khamsane Souvong, and President of the People’s Supreme Court Khamphanh Sitthidampha on Thursday the 9th of July presented the reports to the NA session.

In its comments on the report of the Office of the Supreme Public Prosecutor, the NA’s Standing Committee made mention of the positive achievements with more than 2,800 cases of accusation going through litigation in court with more than 2,500 of them having the court’s decisions read at tribunal.

Meanwhile the committee also commented on weaknesses, where detentions without being charged occurred and some of these were for periods longer than the term set in the law.
Moreover, the committee cited, inspection by prosecutors of the list of accused people and inmates of various prisons was not regular.

Member for Huaphanh province agreed with the committee’s comment saying that situation has been seen in her province. She said, “More than 70 people in my province have been in prison for longer than one year without being charged, while the number of people held in prison for longer than six months is unknown as a proper inspection has yet to be made.

Member for Luang Namtha province wanted the prosecutors’ role and activities in the trials of cases related to the violation of the Laws on Forestry, Customs, Taxation, and Corruption to be included into the report.

Member for Xiengkhuang province praised the judges who had worked on cases by following the related procedures and respecting the law. However, he observed that some court decisions, especially in the court of first instance, were made too fast and often had a commercial influence.

Source: Lao National Television News in English (LNTV)
Broadcast on July 10, 2015