Vientiane authorities have asked officials to draw up a budget for the purchase of sufficient livestock, especially buffaloes and cattle, to create a reserve supply of meat for when market conditions cause prices to rise sharply.

Officials from the Industry and Commerce Department have worked with other government sectors to control the price of meat in Vientiane, but despite their efforts the price of some meat remains high due to a shortage of supply.

The price of meat is still high at 60,000-70,000 kip per kilogramme, while some markets further outside Vientiane are selling meat for as much as 80,000 kip.

butcher shop in vientiane laos According to the Vientiane Industry and Commerce Department, in anticipation of the coming Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao) holiday, the department has announced that traders should not take the opportunity to bump up prices arbitrarily, and has advised consumers to study prices carefully before making a purchase. Staff from the department will team up with district authorities and market committees to closely monitor the price of meat and other consumables in markets during the festival period from April 10-17.

Despite this, some people believe the price of many food items will rise during Pi Mai Lao, but the industry and commerce department will step up efforts to control any higher pricing.

The government’s rice stockpile project of the last few years has benefited consumers in Vientiane and the provinces, and local authorities hope that if a stockpile of livestock can be created soon it will help consumers to save money in the same way.

To supply sufficient meat in the future, the government will strongly encourage farmers to breed livestock and promote investment in this sector.

LNTV Lao News broadcast 09/04/2013