The coming of the annual Festival to mark That Luang’s 448th anniversary, which will run from October 31 to November 6.

Introduction: Vientiane residents, people from many provinces of Laos as well as foreign tourists and expatriates are anticipating the coming of the annual That Luang Festival, which will run from October 31 to November 6.

Story: Already the biggest festival annually, this year’s festival marks the 448th anniversary of That Luang stupa in Vientiane. Aside from the religious and spiritual activities there will also be a trade fair and exhibition running for the duration of the festival. The exhibition around That Luang esplanade will open from 10:00am in the morning and run through to 11:00 pm every night. The actual Buddhist ceremonies will take place from November 4-6.

Official said, during the festival, the Lao people in Vientiane will enjoy visiting the traditional event and maintaining the good culture in the city. That Luang Festival is the main cultural event for the Lao people annually and the festival is held every year in keeping with age old traditions.

During the festival, the exhibition will feature many products manufactured here in Laos as well as those from overseas. Meanwhile the celebrations will comprise many traditional arts of Laos, a Muay Lao competition and various other games and activities.

Religious activities will centre around a big ritual ceremony at That Luang stupa itself,

Each year the festival celebrations are increasing and in 2016, they will hold the biggest festival ever to celebrate the 450th anniversary of That Luang stupa. That Luang festival’s traditional activities will see devotees reciting prayers at the stupa site and listening to the monks chanting their Buddhist mantras, which is scheduled for November 4 at 4:00pm.

The following day on November 5 the people will hold the annual wax castle procession and traditional ceremony, which commences at 2:00pm. There will be about 448 teams from the villages of the nine districts of the capi tal taking part in the procession.

On November 6 at 7:00am, That Luang will have offerings for the monks. Meanwhile tikhy, a traditional sport of Laos, starts at 2:00pm while at 8:00pm there is the candle procession ceremony at the most revered stupa in the country.

For the tikhy event there will be contests between teams of senior officials and ordinary people’s teams. A crowd of more than 1000 is expected to be cheering on during the event.

Source: Lao National Television News in English
Broadcast on October 27, 2014