After recently releasing two singles about a broken heart, Lao pop singer Tot Lina is moving on, with her third single expressing what it is like to fall in love again.

Her two previous singles “Nightmare” and the hit “Kor thod tee bor thon” (I’m sorry I can’t stand you), were both about being brokenhearted, but she has picked up the pieces for her third single in which she sings about a new boyfriend.

Second Single by Tot Lina
Second Single by Tot Lina
Tot Lina runs away from him but is chased by his bodyguards. A man then comes out from the hallway to save her from her angry boyfriend.

Tot is being a little coy about her new release and won’t reveal the title of her new song just yet, but says it will surprise her fans with the upbeat dance-pop style.

Written by Tar Apact, her third single tells the story of a woman who falls in love with a man and wonders how she can make him interested in her. It is lighthearted and fun, and should make fans want to smile and dance.

She worked in collaboration with her producer to improve various aspects of her work, and make sure that the content suits her style and reflects what she wants to convey.

Tot will release her new single on the radio at the end of this month, but the accompanying music video will not come out until June.

She said she wants the music video to portray her confidence and sexiness, saying it will be different from “Kor thod tee bor thon” which was released on Youtube in March.

“I want my fans to be happy with my new video, and I feel confident I’m doing the right thing by spicing it up a little,” Tot said.

Source: Vientiane Times
By Ounkham Pimmata
Published on May 15, 2012