Party Secretary General and President of the Lao PDR Choummaly Sayasone extended his best wishes to all Lao citizens on Friday at a ceremony to mark the occasion of Lao New Year 2556, which the entire country will celebrate from April 14 to 16.

The president lauded the progress made in national development over the past year, ensuring political stability, social order and the continued growth of the Lao economy despite global changes that affected the country.

“I’m very proud of the achievements of the year 2555. Some of the most outstanding of these were maintaining political stability, security, and economic growth of more than 8 percent. These factors facilitate business activities and the livelihoods of local people,” Mr Choummaly said.

“One of our greatest satisfactions is that Lao people of all ethnicities throughout the country continue to maintain unity and have confidence in the leadership of the Party.”

President Choummaly Sayasone
President Choummaly Sayasone
The President called on all Lao people to play an active role in commercial productivity and to actively struggle to overcome poverty and bring prosperity to their families.

“I think we are all proud to see the development changes in our country, particularly in rural areas where the livelihoods of local people have improved and poverty rates have declined,” Mr Choummaly said.

He also touched upon Laos’ achievement in hosting the ASEM Summit last year, as well as other regional meetings. The success of these events not only helped to raise the country’s profile but also contributed to international peace, friendship and development cooperation in the world.

The President highlighted the achievements made in implementing the Resolution of the 9th Party Congress and the 7th five-year national socio-economic development plan. He said that, so far, implementation of the Resolution had seen ‘satisfactory achievements’, which had been possible thanks to the active involvement of all sectors of government.

Laos reaffirmed its commitment to a consistent foreign policy of peace, independence, friendship and cooperation with all countries. The independent and peaceful foreign policy has actively contributed to positive international relations. It has created conditions favourable for the peace, stability and cooperation required to raise the status of Laos in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Mr Choummaly also called on all Lao people to strive for greater achievements in 2556 to ensure that the number of poor families drops to 10 percent in 2015 and that Laos graduates from least developed country status in 2020.

In addition, he encouraged young people to concentrate on their studies and improve themselves. It is they who inherit the good deeds of our ancestors and the Party as they create greater momentum for national development and the bringing of prosperity to all Lao people.

Finally, he wished all Lao people good health and success in their duties and a life of happiness in the year to come.

By Vientiane Times