Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong travelled to a remote part of Vientiane province to supervise the implementation of the “three build directive,” which aims to empower local authorities to develop themselves.

The three build directive is one of the resolutions of the 9th Party Congress, which aims to transform the province into strategic units, the district as comprehensive units, and villages as development units.

The prime minister and his delegation arrived at Suang village, one of the pilot “three build directive” villages in Vangvieng district, Vientiane province at about 9:00 am where they were greeted by villagers.

A number of government members, provincial governors and provincial officials accompanied the Prime Minister to the village, whose residents were keen to hear advice from top government leaders on how to put the resolution into practice.

Suang village officials told the visiting guests that that the village saw rapid development over the past years after the higher authorities selected the village as part of the pilot project to implement the three build directive.

They said that the village welcomed officials from higher authorities, who can help them to improve village administration, security and the economy, laying a concrete foundation for the villagers to earn a better living and rise above the poverty line.

With assistance from higher authorities under the “three build directive”, the village now has access to electricity, water supplies and health care services. The villagers were also given advice and assistance on how to grow cash crops and raise animals for commercial purposes.

One of the major progressions in the development of the village is that the residents now have a market where they can buy and sell goods so as they can earn cash income, one of the main conditions, which makes the villagers trust in the leadership of the Party and government.

Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong welcomed the new development in the village. However, he urged the local authorities to work harder in the implementation of the three build directive so that the village can further improve its outlook.

He said that to achieve success in village development, Party members and officials in the village should play their part as good role models for local villagers. The village leadership body should also have a better understanding of the Party and government policy and aspirations of the villagers so that they can put the policy into practice effectively.

One of the important tasks which the village authorities must pay attention to is to create conditions for the villagers to maintain unity, take part in preserving security and promote future economic development.

He also urged the local authorities to identify its development potentials, which will in turn enable the people to raise their income levels. He also stressed the importance of education and health care services in the village, adding that children should be encouraged to attend school while villagers should maintain hygiene as part of efforts to prevent disease outbreaks.

Source: Vientiane Times
July 04, 2013