The Republic of Korea supports for about 10 years green development in Laos

Introduction: The Republic of Korea has, for about 10 years, been supporting the Lao government’s efforts to expand green areas in the country through reafforestation and forest protection and has now committed to continue following the signing of a new agreement.

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Story: The signing was done at the 4th Dialogue meeting for the establishment of the Asian Forest Cooperation Organisation or Dialogue-AFoCO in Vientiane which took place on September 30 to October 1. Korea will support forest protection at an initial cost of about US$2 million in conducting works on rehabilitation, sustainable forest management and green growth development.

The two days of the Dialogue-AFoCO meeting in Vientiane have involved consulting on cooperation in forestry between Asia and Korea. Asean members signed agreements with Korea to establish cooperation on AFoCO in 2011, with Korea providing some financial support for the Asean countries carrying out the project.

Both Asean and the Republic of Korea see that the amount of natural green areas in Asia have to become bigger, so the Dialogue-AFoCO partners have invited four more countries in the region to join, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Bhutan and Timor, who will become part of the green zone in the organisation’s logo and help to build Asia into a green zone as well.

Source: Lao National Television News in English
Broadcast on October 01, 2014