Rubbish after Pimai Lao celebration is an unsightly image for our country

After the Pimai Lao celebration, which stretched from 14th – 16th of April, 2013, the organization involved did their best to cleanup of rubbish all over Vientiane Capital, and urges everyone in society to get involved. Our news team…., has the story.

The Pimai Lao celebration for BE 2556 was filled with joy and Excitement for the people in Vientiane Capital and people all over the country, however, after the Pimai Lao festivities, the organizations responsible for maintaining and cleaning up the rubbish have done their respected duties at their best in picking up trash and left over rubbish, but there are a lot more piles of garbage on the roads, and in areas where people celebrate Pimai Lao.

As you cans see, there are all sorts of rubbish, from food waste, plastic bags, beverage glass and plastic bottles and others. Upon looking at these things, you can see it is not a beautiful sight in society and it reflects the disorderly of disposing waste which goes against the decree of the government that has been put forward and warned to throw garbage in the proper rubbish bin which the responsible organization have prepared all over various location throughout Vientiane Capital.

However, some groups are lazy so after they are done eating and drinking, they would toss out their waste as they please. Therefore, the authorities have asked all citizens throughout the country to be responsible and take care of the cleanliness by not throwing garbage all over the place clean and organized is the way to maintain the beautiful environment of our country.

LNTV Lao News