Huaphan to build Sakura gardens in Viengxay

(KPL) Huaphan is preparing to build a Sakura gardens as a symbol of cooperation between Laos and Japan in Viengxay district, northern province Huaphan, according to Huaphan Governor, Mr Khamhoung Heuangvongsy.

sakura flowersThe provincial governor said on Wednesday on the occasion of his participation in the cabinet meeting held on 22-24 Sept that the province would begin planting Sakura in February next year and the objective of the gardens construction was also to promote tourism in the province to boost its income generation.

Over 220 Sakura young trees are expected to be planted on the gardens of 1.5 ha to mark the 60th anniversary of Lao-Japanese cooperation. If the Sakura gardens project is successful, a bigger Sakura gardens will be constructed in the district and Huaphan province will be more attractive to visitors, according to the governor.

The governor said that the project was in line with the vision of the province on transforming Viengxay district into a tourism district, which is well-known for historical tourism.

So far this year Huaphan has recorded 30,000 visitors and it is expected to receive an increased number of visitors in the future.

Source: KPL Lao News Agency
Published on September 26, 2014