The draft law regarding special and specific economic zones (SEZs) being finalised

Introduction: The draft law regarding special and specific economic zones is being finalised before its submission to the government at the end of this month for consideration and endorsement.

Story: Senior officials from line ministries and other relevant sectors met in Vientiane to discuss and give their input into the law. The move aimed to ensure the law is a comprehensive promotion policy that will attract investment to Laos.

Over 100 officials attended the meeting which was chaired by Deputy Minister and Vice President of the Lao National Committee for Special Economic Zones Madame Bouatha Khattiya who said, the draft law comprises 16 parts and 171 articles, and defines principles, procedures and mechanisms related to the establishment and role of the zones when it comes to attracting investment to Laos.

It is said that, if the government approves the draft law regarding special and specific economic zones, the law will then be put forward to the National Assembly session for debate and assent in June or July.

Government officials believe that if passed, the law will help draw increasing numbers of foreign investors to Laos to drive economic growth and national development.

Source: Lao National Television News in English
Broadcast on March 18, 2015