The Lao government has announced a ban on cattle export due to costly beef prices in domestic market. A number of cattle, especially those in border provinces, had been exported to neigbouring countries in recent years. As a result, cattle supply in the country had declined causing a rocket rise in beef prices.

In the order, issued on April 1, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr. Nam Vinhaket says that each province has to pay attention to and monitor seriously the management of cattle transaction and shall not allow foreign merchants who don’t have any permissions or legal registration to buy cattle for export purposes as in the past.

The order urges relevant sectors to facilitate the cattle transaction of domestic merchants who have legal enterprise legislation to ease increasing beef prices in the country.

The Minister stresses in the order that, presently, a large number of complaints have been raised by public members over the sharply increase of beef prices in the market. As a result, the government has to take measures to calm down the beef price crisis to maintain economic stability in the country.

LNTV Lao News