In order to maintain peace, security and reduce the number of accidents on the roads, the Traffic Police department is deploying almost 700 traffic police officers during the Pimai celebration in 9 district of Vientiane Capital, according to official.

According to the Head of Traffic Police division, Ministry of Public Security, Captain Khamthavai ຄໍາທະຫວາຍ Phet-uthai ເພັດອຸໄທ, as an effort to reduce accidents on the roads during the Pimai Lao celebration periods, 692 traffic police officers will be deployed all over the 9 district of Vientiane Capital, and a total of 1180 officer will be deploy nationwide to monitor and maintain order on the roads.

Captain Khamthavai also mentioned, he would like the public to enjoy the Pimai Lao celebration in accordance to the culture and heritage of Laos, and to encourage the public to help by cooperating with the traffic police to follow the laws and regulation for example “drink, don’t drive”.

According to Captain Khamthavai, last year’s Pimai celebration 2012, the number of recorded accidents nationwide increased to 185 cases compared from the year before, with damages total 328 vehicles, injuries totaled to 367 people, and 23 deaths. In Vientiane Capital alone, accidents increased to 52 cases, with damages of 105 vehicles, injuries of 99 people, and 7 deaths. The main causes of these accidents are mainly, drinking and driving, over speeding, and breaking the traffic laws. He added, everyone should have a clear conscious and be careful so to reduce accidents and prevent the loss of your own lives and property.

LNTV Lao News broadcast on 12/4/2013