Vientiane plans to reduce its energy consumption by replacing existing street lights with LED lamps, which are seen as a more efficient form of lighting.

The government has asked a company from the Republic of Korea to un dertake a feasibility study for the project and expects the new lighting system to be easily maintained.

A memorandum of understanding was signed recently in Vientiane between the Director of the Vientiane Energy and Mines Department, Mr Khounkeo Phansavath, Director of the Vientiane Planning and Investment Department, Mr Vixay Savanna, and President of the Sung Ho Technical Solution Company Ltd, Mr Kim Yun-Sik.

The signing was witnessed by the Office Head of Vientiane Administration, Ms Bualon Vongdalasaen, and the Office Head of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Dr Bountheung Phengthavongsa.

According to the Vientiane Energy and Mines Department, basic infrastructure systems in the capital have been expanded extensively in recent times.

However, population growth in the capital has led to a greater demand for electricity. This has resulted in inadequate energy supply and electricity must be purchased in part from neighbouring countries.

The department said Vientiane has an expanding population and a higher rate of electricity use than other provinces. In 2012, energy consumption stood at 220.2MW, up by 11.3MW from the previous year.

Vientiane installed normal street lights under the Hok Sor (six development slogans) policy for the capital, of which urban lighting is a priority area.

The Vientiane authorities want to reduce the amount of electricity consumed by the older lights, which have significantly increased in number as the city has expanded, aiming to cut electricity imports.

The authorities have authorised the Sung Ho Technical Solution Company Ltd to conduct a feasibility study for the replacement of streetlights with LED lamps. These are used in many developed countries because they are considered to be more efficient and effective both in terms of energy consumption and maintenance, the department said.

Normal 250W streetlights consume 90 KWh of power per month, costing 50,130 kip. This runs to 601,560 kip per year.

In contrast, a 90W LED streetlight consumes 32 KWh per month, costing 17,824 kip. Over 12 months, this totals 384KWh and 213,888 kip.

Vientiane could save 694KWh of power per year and 387,672 kip if they upgrade to LED lamps.

If Vientiane re places 5,000 of the existing streetlights with the LED lamps, it is possible to save 1.9 million KWh of energy and over one billion kip per year.

Source: Vientiane Times
June 17, 2013