Organic market in That Luang, Vientiane Capital.
Organic market in That Luang, Vientiane Capital.

(KPL) Vientiane Capital is expected to impose measures to control the use of insecticide following overuse of chemical substance by local farmers in suppressing insect infestation.

The Natural Resources and Environment Service of Vientiane Capital convened a meeting last week, drawing heads of Agriculture and Forestry Offices from nine districts within the capital city to brainstorm measures to bring the use of insecticide under control.

The meeting gave floor to participants to share ideas and possible solutions to uncontrolled use of insecticide in agricultural production and discuss how to encourage farmers to farm more organic cash crops also without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Under the new measures, Vientiane authorities are expected to strictly control the use and distribution of insecticide at district and even village levels, disseminate useful information on insecticide affects on human health, and run a campaign to raise public awareness of insecticide impacts on humans, animals and also environment as well as organize training courses for farmers on how to produce organic fertilizer for farming purposes.

Source: KPL Lao News Agency
April 19, 2013