Recent floods in Oudomxay province have made it difficult for villagers to return to normal life. Many still need help recovering from the disaster.

The floods destroyed homes, agriculture and people’s lives; some families have lost almost everything.

The disaster was described as the one of worse in the country’s history, killing 17 people.

Some families have relocated to a new area under instruction from authorities to ensure their safety in the event of another flood.

Despite the new location, some flood victims are suffering from post-traumatic stress.

During the flood, residents and emergency teams worked hand-in-hand to help villages recover from the disaster.

As the scope of the disaster became known, people across the country opened their hearts and wallets to the victims of the floods.

Logistical difficulties did not deter local journalists and Department of Information, Culture and Tourism officials from heading to the worst-hit areas to tell the stories of those affected to the rest of the country.

The department and other journalists were able to collect footage of the affected villages after the flood, which Vientiane Times can now share to audiences who may wish to donate to the flood appeal.

Source: Vientiane Times
Published on October 9, 2013