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Young people flock to the temples for Buddhist lent

The Buddhist lent ( Boun Khao Phansa ) started yesterday with increasing numbers of Lao young people nationwide set to attend the important Buddhist ceremonies to make merit at their local temples. Uncle Orkard who works taking care of Simeuang temple in Vientiane, the number has increased though his observation compared to the same day

With parades and water, Laos welcomes Year of the Horse

Leaders, government officials and Lao people around the country celebrated the Lao New Year festival from April 14-16, taking part in a range of activities to preserve the fine traditions and culture of the country. The highlight in Vientiane was the Nang Sang Khan (Miss Lao New Year) procession, which started early in the afternoon

Lao New Year Celebration in Vientiane

The celebration of Lao New Year 2557 BE or Pi Mai Lao – the year of the horse in Vientiane Capital kicked off with a procession of Nang Sangkhane on 14 April that attracted Vientiane residents and foreigners.

Largest Lao Dance held in Vientiane, Laos

Largest Lao Dance (Pasalop Dance) 4,200 Students The record attempt for the Largest Lao Dance called “Pasalob dance”, a Lao traditional culture, ever held in the Lao PDR took place at Pha That Luang on Saturday 5th April, 2014, drawing more than 4,200 students. The event aims to bring people together as a whole community

Lao Heritage Foundation students show off the Lao Artist skills

Lao Heritage Foundation students show off the Lao Artist skills on their performance Foreign and local residents amazed by Lao Heritage Foundation students’ concert which shows their profound respect and deep love for culture of their motherland through their various performances. According to Director of Lao Heritage Foundation Chittaphone Pom khampradith, the mission of the