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That Luang Festival

That Luang Festival

That Luang Festival

The That Luang Festival is one of the most important religious and cultural events in Laos, celebrated annually in Vientiane, the capital city. The festival takes place at the That Luang Stupa, also known as the Great Stupa or the Golden Stupa, which is the most sacred Buddhist monument in Laos. Here’s an overview of the That Luang Festival:

Significance: The That Luang Festival holds immense significance for the Lao people, as it commemorates the completion and consecration of the That Luang Stupa, believed to enshrine a relic of Lord Buddha. The stupa is a symbol of Buddhism and national identity for Laos.


Dates: The festival usually lasts for three to four days and takes place during the full moon of the twelfth lunar month in the Buddhist calendar, which typically falls in November. The exact dates may vary slightly from year to year, so it’s advisable to check the specific schedule for the current year.

Religious Ceremonies: During the festival, Buddhist monks from various temples across the country gather at the That Luang Stupa to perform religious ceremonies, including chanting prayers and blessings.

Pilgrimage and Offerings: Thousands of devout Buddhists from Laos and neighboring countries make a pilgrimage to the That Luang Stupa during the festival. They dress in traditional attire and carry offerings of flowers, incense, candles, and other symbolic items to present to the monks as a gesture of reverence.


Procession: One of the highlights of the That Luang Festival is the grand procession, known as the “wax castle” procession. This colorful and vibrant parade features Lao people from different regions dressed in traditional costumes, marching with beautifully crafted wax castles and religious flags. The procession moves around the That Luang Stupa, and it is a captivating sight to behold.

Cultural Performances: Alongside the religious activities, visitors can also enjoy cultural performances, traditional music, dance, and various other entertainment throughout the festival.

Fair and Market: A lively fair and market are set up in the vicinity of the That Luang Stupa during the festival. Visitors can explore stalls selling local handicrafts, traditional Lao food, snacks, and souvenirs.


Fireworks Display: The That Luang Festival culminates with a mesmerizing fireworks display, illuminating the night sky above the stupa.

The That Luang Festival is an excellent opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage and religious devotion of the Lao people. As with any religious event, it’s important to be respectful of local customs and traditions while enjoying the festivities. If you plan to attend the That Luang Festival, make sure to check the specific dates and any updated information beforehand, as the details may change from year to year.

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