Nam Kat Waterfall is not well known but stunning natural attraction located in the province of Oudomxay, Laos. It is situated about 28 kilometers (17 miles) southwest of the town of Muang Xai, Oudomxay province.

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Here are some key highlights of Nam Kat Yorla Pa Waterfall:

Remote and Untouched Beauty: Nam Kat Waterfall is tucked away in a relatively remote area of Nam Kat Yorla Pa Resort, surrounded by dense forests and pristine nature. This makes it an ideal destination for travelers seeking a more off-the-beaten-path experience.

Multi-tiered Waterfall: Like Kuang Si Waterfall, Nam Kat is a multi-tiered waterfall. The water cascades down several levels of rock formations, creating picturesque views and natural pools.

Adventure Activities: Apart from enjoying the beauty of the waterfall itself, visitors can engage in various adventure activities in the area, such as zip-lining and trekking through the jungle. The zip-line experience offers a unique perspective of the lush surroundings and is a thrilling way to explore the area.

Eco-Tourism Initiatives: Nam Kat Yorla Pa Resort is known for its commitment to eco-tourism and sustainable practices. The development in the region has been carried out with a focus on preserving the natural environment and supporting local communities.

Tranquil Environment: As it is less frequented by tourists compared to other popular waterfalls in Laos, Nam Kat Waterfall offers a peaceful and tranquil environment, allowing visitors to enjoy a more serene and intimate experience with nature.